Feminism and gal pals!

You know, what’s almost fabulous is the idea of feminism and gal pals. The reason why I say it’s almost fabulous is because in theory your girlfriends have your back and there’s no competition it’s just love and support and let the fun times roll. In theory feminism has given us the answers, in reality it’s gone over board and has resulted in alienting many young women. Living in the real world you know women have become super competitive, at times highly aggressive and would easily be two faced towards another woman without a care. Women have become more like men and are unsure of what being a women really means or how to act.

Think about ‘The Hills’, Lauren’s whole life is basically about friends letting her down or stabbing her in the back, bitchy girls gossiping about each other and superficial friendship. The series has been hugely popular and I would suspect it’s because teens and twenty something’s can totally relate to Lauren’s girl friend problems.

Maybe it’s feminism, maybe it’s a post modern world, who knows? Of course I know what I’m talking about is a rather unglamorous topic, and I’m so sorry to start my blog off this way as I was hoping it would be filled with tantalising glamour, wit and humour.  

But I mean honestly all this talk of sisterly compassion and camaraderie between women (see the timesonline the rise of Dolly Parton Feminism); it’s a two minute sound bite that occasional happens on film and in real life however it’s rather short lived. The truth is it’s simply cut throat if you’re a woman and in the presence of other women. How many times have I walked into a new office environment to have the once over, twice over and sometimes the three times over.  

We live in a time where women have more choice and more opportunity than ever before and the twenty something’s of today are a generation where much is expected in terms of professional and personal lives.

However this has created a pressure cooker of competing and boasting about who has achieved what and when? And in the back of our minds we hear that tick ticking of time because if you’ve not achieved what you ‘should have achieved‘ in your twenties it will only get harder as you approach your thirties. It’s a matter of moving up or moving out!


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