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Glamour on the Go – I wanna be a 70’s Diva!

August 31, 2008


Bag Crush – Chloe Paraty Bag – It’s bag love!

August 29, 2008

It’s the Chloé Paraty! Adored by mortals and celebrities alike.

Celeb followers include: Kate Bosworth who had hers way back in April, MK wore hers just earlier this week to a radiohead concert and Katie Holmes has been hot trotting through New York wearing hers.

In store but not online price tag for the  leather option £891 while the python skin goes for £1780

Marni Love or Marni Miss – Marni platform boot with removable fur cuff!

August 28, 2008

Marni is known for their platforms, innovative style and bold cuts, behold the latest Marni creation the platform boot with removable weasel-fur cuff. Mmm, I don’t whether I love this boot or if I’m not that into it. I’m still trying to figure this one out and I think that’s how most would feel about this bootie and at this price tag $1521.00 you gotta be sure!

 What are your thoughts?

Marni Love or Marni Miss!!

Togga platform gladiator for $79.99

August 28, 2008

I love these cute little Steve Madden strappy sandals with wooden platform and killer heels, they are just so fantastically chic with golden studded effect and gladiator straps for a quick midday fashion fix.

It’s hard to identify the best part of the shoe as I just love the whole thing so much! 

It’s eye candy for the fashion forward! These lush heels are available online at on sale no less.

Happy shopping fashion lovers


Kate Moss get’s Naked and scandalous for her Interview editorial!

August 28, 2008

Why we love writing about Kate Moss? Because she just makes it so darn easy to spin sentences like this.  Moss looks pretty nude in her Scandalous editorial Interview! and do eye catching headlines.

We love you head line Katie .. Kind of ..  well you know what we mean.

One thing’s for sure this woman is resilient, no one get’s Katie down!





















Photograph Source:

Flash back to my Tween Years as Brenda Walsh is back!!

August 27, 2008

Brenda Walsh Pretty In Pink!

Brenda Walsh Pretty In Pink!

I watched the original Beverly Hills 90210 when I was a tween and I was hooked from the very first episode, I had never seen anything so glamorous, bitchy and fun.

So I was very excited to see this week’s pretty-in-pink Us Weekly cover girl in her right fill place back on mag covers and the small screen – Brenda’s back!!!!!

This fall, the 37-year-old actress is returning to everybody’s favorite zip code, 90210, which premieres this Tuesday @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

The mag’s cover teases us with “her painful reason for leaving 90210–and why she came back”, “defending herself against Tori Spelling’s lies”, and “denying fistfights with Jennie Garth“. Garth is definitely signed on for the 90210 spin-off, Tori Spelling is supposedly renegotiating her pay, and Luke Perry is rumored to be returning to 90210 as well.

I also love Kelly though and Sob Sob the bad boy of 902010 (Luke Perry)  is not back …

I wanna be a glossy girl!!

August 27, 2008
I wanna be a high gloss girl!

I wanna be a high gloss girl!

Check it out six steps to rocking the skin tight trend – Fashion Mag Daily

I want statement bling!

August 27, 2008










The gals on the catwalk hot leg it with such bling veracity!

In my option, Givenchy, Philip Lim and Gucci ready to wear collections are the top contenders for this trend.

And if you’re like me and opting for a cheaper option… it’s accessories to the rescue…  see the pic below and tell me whether you think it’s a good trend imitation?   Source: Fashion Mag Daily

The photograph below shows Gucci necklace on the left (the price tag – huge! So Large, in fact it doesn’t even fit into this post) Vs, Accessorize (a cheap and cheerful £14.00)

Love Charlize’s outift – Cute and Sunny!

August 27, 2008


We love Charlize’s outfit the gold accessories and gladiator sandals with half tint sunnies teamed with tailored jacket and free flowing dress … chic.

More Charlize News: Theron walks side by side with Stuart Townsend to the premiere of Battle in Seattle at the Impact Film Festival in Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City.

“I’m incredibly honored to be a part of this film,” Charlize said. “It is the kind of film that, when you walk out, really makes you want to go out and be proactive.”

Battle in Seattle centers around five fictional characters whose lives intersected with the 1999 Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization. Although it began as a peaceful protest with a goal of stopping the WTO talks, it escalated into a full-scale riot and eventually, a State of Emergency that put protesters against the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard.

Battle in Seattle stars Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, and Michelle Rodriguez, and will have a limited release on September 19th.

I Love this cover the rivals are back … Yum Yum

August 27, 2008


Rumored rivals Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth lock arms on the new cover of Entertainment Weekly...

Mmm, A blast from the past I use to love these gals. The reunited-at-last pair will dish on their rocky past, unlikely reunion and why the new show shocks even them! The cover feature with Shanne, 37, and Jennie, 36, will later appear on

There was almost a comfort in knowing that I was getting to work with somebody who had been on the original with me and gone through the same experiences,” Shannen recently told Radar. “Like, ‘Okay we’ve been through the war together already.’ I never even gave any thought to it being awkward. I know how much I’ve grown up since then. I would assume that she’s grown up the same amount.”

90210 premieres @ 8PM ET/PT on Tuesday, Sept. 2 on The CW.

I cannot wait, the other younger cast members just seem boring, sob sob Luke Perry is not rejoining the cast … oooh who will be the bad Beverly Hills Boy??

We love Orlan Double Platform T-Strap Louboutin’s!

August 27, 2008

I just love Heidi Klum’s outfit and most of all I love the way she contrasts her white frock with black Louboutin pumps. These pumps are super hot and luxurious. (Orlan Double Platform T-Strap Louboutin’s in red suede $885.00 available at

They are kind of gladiator meets shoe bootie. The cut is elegant and graceful with a thicker than usual ankle strap for Louboutin and sweet peep-toe.

Wishlist – Shaggy Chic Jaeger coat

August 27, 2008
Left: D&G; Middle: Jaeger; Right:Topshop


I love this Jaeger coat (middle pic), it’s so beautiful and the price tag is huge, naturally as such style does come at a price. £1,600 (0845 051 0063) Just in case you like the white waistcoat on the left it’s D&G while the other white coat on the right with less shaggy is Topshop offerings.

The Jaeger coat that I love looks so similar to Kate Moss’s Fendi coat she wore some time ago (winter 2007).

LL Shops YSL Tribute Sandals!

August 26, 2008


Lindsay Lohan shops at Yves Saint Laurent  and shows us what she bought the next day.

 LL opted for the new YSL tribute platforms – chic!

MK outfit a miss but her Chloe bag is still hot!

August 26, 2008

Mary Kate’s outfit looks a complete disaster, although I love style this look is a no go!

She wore a Chloe bag with checkered ‘boyfriend’ shirt as a dress.

New Fab site for boots – Yum Yum!

August 26, 2008


As you know I have become obsessed with the folksy lux trend and I love vintage booties and all shoes.

Today I found a fantastic site called that stocks Frye which is a completely fantastic range and it’s where all the ‘it’ girls go to get that vintage, cowboy and folksy trend shoes.

So get clicking fashionista’s.

Katie will show at New York Fashion Week!

August 25, 2008

I heart Katie Holmes, I think she’s chic, sweet and completely down to earth. I also like her fashion sense as she is so much more versatile than Victoria Beckham, Katie is mum on the run in one, actress, wife and also general sweet girl next door. I also think that she has a natural style and grace that is similar to Jackie O and classic good looks and elegance. While Victoria Beckham is more of a wanna be and all those tattoos, I mean really!

Anyway it seems that VB ended up being all show and no go as she is having trouble pulling her fashion show/collection together and will only show to a select few at New York Fashion Week. While silently confident Katie is going to rev it up and show an entire collection on the catwalk like all the other designers.

You go Katie, I know she’s receiving a lot of negative comments because of her boyfriend jeans trend but I still love her. And her cute style…

The winter coat – top three choices!

August 25, 2008


Let’s face it the weather has been horrible and I have not been able to wear my sweet summer frocks or hot leg around town in my fabulous stilettos and wedges without splashing in a puddle.

The sky has been mostly over cloudy, casting a shadow over the city and more importantly my wardrobe and further dampened with the continual drizzle.

I have been looking longingly at summer in the city – New York style – and am enviable of the great weather New Yorkers are having.

Boo Hoo London weather is horrible… Sob Sob!

So in keeping with optimism I’ve turned my attention to the coming cooler months and bearing in mind the credit crunch that’s been creeping in from the other side of the pond. Making my new mantra work for me – less is more and embracing my new minimalistic trend.

My blog posting today will focus on the  – fashion essential –  autumn/winter investment buy – the winter coat!!

I have scouted the shops from high street to high fashion and I bring you my top three top choices and its tailored chic. The fashion contenders are as follows:

1.       Black coat Thomas Burberry £380.00

2.       Tailored coat £89 by Principles

3.        Mango black coat £110


My wish list coat is the Burberry coat for practicality and overall chic.

While best value for money is the Principles coat.

Watch this space as I’ll be modeling my new purchase shortly.

Hit Vs. Miss

August 25, 2008

Who’s been looking lush and lovely and who’s been looking worse for wear? The fashionistas Vs. the fashion victims –  here’s the story in pics..

ID that Tassel dress – YSL – Modeled by Coco Rocha!

August 21, 2008


Coco Rocha models YSL Tasseled Dress

Just ID that tassel dress I blog about a while ago it’s Yves Saint Lauren … as modeled by Coco Rocha for Barneys

Anna Wintour & Caroline Sieber both wore the tasseled dress and mademoiselle Wintour did not rock it out!

Gucci does smoking hot boots!

August 21, 2008

These boots are smoking hot!

These boots are truly delicious, I can think of a million ways to wear these fierce boots

Source: FMD