Plaid Princess wears dressing down essentials!

Plaid Princess

Plaid Princess

Mary- Kate Olsen was spotted in her favorite dressing down staples – Alaia sandals, Givenchy purse, Marni sunglasses and Wolford bandage skirt with yet another Plaid shirt tired around her waist this girl loves plaid …

Mary Kate Olsen plaid princess

Mary Kate Olsen plaid princess


While earlier this week Mary Kate Olsen had been hot legging it around LA in plaid. “The full house star was spotted in a casual t -shirt and later changed into a plaid shirt to shimmy around LA in. The Plaid Princess is currently in a battle with a former landlord for altering the kitchen of a home she was renting and reportedly never returned it to its original state. It’s been reported that the full house star rented the house for $15,000 a month situated above the Sunset Strip. The owner is apparently devastated as they claim that Olsen customized the kitchen turning it into a “disaster.”I suppose it’s like her fashion sense you either love it or hate it, right?” Source: FMD


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