When Vanities Collide!

Paris Rival Lydia Hearst - Shaw

Paris Rival Lydia Hearst - Shaw

Politics and celebrity collide as Paris Hilton calls McCain and Obama ‘Bitches’. McCain started this collision of vanities when he called her a useless celeb. Paris hit back at McCain by making a vid calling McCain an old white guy from the olden days…

This whole debate is completely Yuk and so is Paris who sounds like an Ageist nasty in her vid. however she does manage to pretend to know about global environmental issues which is kinda funny but not really! To see the Video click here!

The blonde heiress needs to do something to get attention as she is left in the shadows of Nicole Richie who has evolved into the fashionista and even her rival Lydia Hearst-Shaw is landing more modeling contracts than her. (Lydia landed the luxury lingerie brand Myla, she will be the new face and body for the brand) So when this protocelebrity opportunity came along Paris jumped for joy and started her PR spin and the girls a pro. 

 It’s really strange the way people tend to hate people that are similar to them and Paris and Lydia have a lot in common, both blonde, both fame hungry, both heiresses, both attention seekers.


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