The Unfashionable – Case Closed & Mary Kate will not be subpoenaed

Mary Kate’s strategy equals a winning strategy as she managed to not speak or be interviewed by law – enforcement authorities who have unsuccessfully tried to pressure the actress into talking about her involvement in the accidental suicide of close personal friend Heath Ledger, and twice now she has successfully beaten them back — the only person connected to Ledger to successfully do so! Federal sources told first the Daily News and now the Post that U.S. prosecutors have withdrawn their investigation into the death of actor Heath Ledger, forcing the Drug Enforcement Administration to drop demands to interview Olsen. That’s a humiliating retreat for an agency that just two days ago implied it would use Grand Jury subpoena to force Olsen to tell what she knows.

 Prosecutors had kept an April 23 subpoena up their sleeves as they tried to convince Olsen to voluntarily speak with federal drug agents still probing Ledger’s January overdose,  a source told the Daily News. Source: FMD




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