Kate Moss Looks Unpretty on the Cover of Vogue!

Kate Moss Looks Un-pretty!

Kate Moss Looks Un-pretty!

The August edition is the Ageless edition which profiles stylish and/or aspirational women of all ages. But what got my attention is how haggard Kate Moss looks without her hair in her face and harsh make up! Kate ends up looking tired and old which is quiet ironic since it’s suppose to be the Ageless Edition!

The most exciting part of this edition is the editors’ personal style:“it’s perhaps the most instructive portfolio we’ve ever put together… (it’s about) looking on-trend and beyond trend and totally themselves”. Forget “timeless classics every woman must have that she can wear for ever and a day” we want to be “on trend” yet “beyond trend” while still being clued into our own style!



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