Fashion Reality – the Feathered Look is HOT!

The editor of French Vogue keeps it real with ‘fashion reality’ introducing the feathered look, this jacket featured looks similar to the Burberry jacket and the Mui Mui coat Mary Kate Olsen fell in love with when doing her Elle shoot! Viva la French Vogue!


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3 Responses to “Fashion Reality – the Feathered Look is HOT!”

  1. cindy moore Says:

    Good info thank-you

  2. AS Says:

    Please check out – for beautiful feather fashionable headbands! Esti Headbands are online and at Patricia Fields in NYC! Enjoy – they are fabulous.

  3. immaof4 Says:

    These are great headbands! I found a new store online called Esti Headbands. Go to for the new fashion trend! Feather headbands – beautifully crafted and worth every cent. I bought a few of them and get complimented all the time! I saw similar ones in Lucky and OK and People magazines. These magazines say that feather headbands are number three of the top ten fashion trends for the fall 2008 and winter 2009. I find Esti Headbands to be plentiful and so beautiful! Check it out!

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