Katie Price wears Chloe & models body and face on VB!

As Katie’s appetite for designer wear increases her alter ego Jordon is on the decline which thankfully means less wako clothing on display.

Katie may be a ‘role model’ to some women but it is clear she has her own role model in the form of Victoria Beckham as she imitates Victoria Beckham and every style move she makes. Katie is modelling her new style on Posh and has even started modelling her body and face on VB’s.

She has copied VB’s hair style and even shed the pounds to create a smaller frame to emulate VB, she has even recently gone to LA to minimise her cosmeticly enlarged breasts. She has also adopted a more demure way of dressing and has even donned a little black dress (VB is famous for wearing the shift dress) and is often see in tow with her toddler something Victoria does often.

What are your thoughts?


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