Minimalism is under-rated!

Hi all, I’ve been posting all my goodies (that I never wear but still have tags attached) on Ebay and the whole thing is so time consuming. Just today I have received 5 questions such as – do you post to Bulgaria and how much would postage be then?, Can I buy it now?, what are the measurements of the jacket etc. etc. I love faux fur and I have loads that I don’t wear so I loaded it.

I just really need some space as it feels as if the whole apartment has become overrun with clothing and shoes and my boyfriend jokes that he’ll need to move out soon. The second bedroom has become my walk in wardrobe and then I also have a dressing room next to my bedroom so I can understand how we might want to use the space more constructively.

What is a fashionista to do?

What I find really interesting is how I love clothing but when it comes to decorating the apartment I am very into minimalist looks and then I stumbled across this article on Carine Roitfeld’s home and we both have similar minimalistic loves in terms of home decorating. However I would have gone for more white and more of a retro feel with quirky and showcase items to attract attention.

Carine Roitfeld’s home is featured in New Paris Interiors which features a seven page look at the apartment she shares with her partner Christian Restoin and has used as a backdrop for a few of her editorials. The space is clean and light colored which is in contrast to all the black she usually wears.

Carine Roitfeld's home

Carine Roitfeld


Carine Roitfeld's view from her home

Carine Roitfeld


The editor has also used her home for fashion editorials

The editor has also used her home for fashion editorials



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