The Horror of being an Ebay Seller!

Hello Fashionista’s I am on a major de-cluttering mission. I have decided to embrace the minimalist trend and only really purchase items that are classic, chic and truly loved and wanted by me. Something I feel comfortable wearing now and in years to come that would still be relevant and chic. I have a few items that fit into that category:

1.       Gucci oversized Clutch

2.       Chanel Bag

3.       Marc Jacobs Bag

4.       Tuxedo Blazer

5.       Dior Sunnies

6.       Chanel Sunnies

7.       Classic black leather high waist leather Topshop belt

8.       Black Shift dress – Topshop

9.       Long black leather coat with faux fur

10.    Long coat with fox fur collar – Italian designer – forgot the name.

I want to create a calm and centered space and I have realized that it’s super hard with all this stuff.

So I’ve been posting faux fur jackets, vintage riding boots, jersey dresses, leather mules, dresses and lots of other goodies on Ebay. On the one hand it’s sad as if I’m lucky I will only receive a fraction of what I paid for the items and many still have tags attached while on the other hand it feels very liberating.

This is the first time that I am a seller and not a buyer on Ebay and unfortunately a bizarre woman ended up winning one of my items – vintage riding boots. I posted 7 photographs of the boots and gave an accurate description of the boots and it seems that the buyer for whatever reason did not like the boots once they were received and proceeded to email me telling me that the boots were not vintage riding boots.

I am totally shocked at this person’s behavior. If she would have been honest and said, I don’t like the boots as they look unflattering on my legs, fine! But I mean really stating that they are not vintage riding boots when it is so clear that they are is so ridiculous it’s almost unbelievable.

A very strange woman indeed and really making me feel that I don’t need the hassle and I think I’ll just pack it all up and give it to a charity. Please share your Ebay horror stories and I will let you know how this all pans out.


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