We love Orlan Double Platform T-Strap Louboutin’s!

I just love Heidi Klum’s outfit and most of all I love the way she contrasts her white frock with black Louboutin pumps. These pumps are super hot and luxurious. (Orlan Double Platform T-Strap Louboutin’s in red suede $885.00 available at Saks.com).

They are kind of gladiator meets shoe bootie. The cut is elegant and graceful with a thicker than usual ankle strap for Louboutin and sweet peep-toe.


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2 Responses to “We love Orlan Double Platform T-Strap Louboutin’s!”

  1. Koichi Ito Says:

    Please list the names of Actresses and Celebrities who wear Christian Louboutin Shoes: Other than Angelina Jolie and Hedi Klum! So look good on Hedi Klum or Angelina Jolie. I think also look good on Drag Queens, Transvestites, and Cross Dressers! So we must make convention of Owners of Louboutin Footwear!

  2. almostglamorous Says:

    God the list is soooo Long where do I begin??????

    1. Kate Moss
    2. J –Lo
    3. Nicole Richie
    4. Uma Thurman
    5. Coco Rocha and all the girls from sex and the city!
    6. France’s first Lady – Carla Bruni
    7. Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington & Co.
    8. Victoria Beckham and her Spice Sister’s
    9. Queen of Jordan and all other royalty!!
    10. Paris Hilton
    11. Me
    12. My sister
    13. And all the other women of the world that helped to create Louboutin into a modern day shoe legend!

    And not to mention all the fashion show’s Louboutin works in partnership with… (Victor and Rolf, Chanel, Gucci, etc.)

    So come on girls strap on your louboutin’s, tophop, faith or any other brand of your choice because that is what fashion is about having fun, expressing yourself and enjoying yourself!!

    While the haters go and suck on lemon’s and end up looking like … Haters!!

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