Back from the French Rivera to grey clouds in London!

Hi fashionistas,

I hope you are well and life is treating you as it should.

I am back from the most fabulous holiday that I have ever had and completely in love with France, the French Rivera and Parisian fashion (if that’s even possible).

My love affair started with France a while ago and I have been to France before however this time has been the most magical and I suspect it has something to do with hot trotting across the most glamorous parts that France has to offer – Monte Carlo, Cannes and Nice.

I picked up some delicious pieces in an antique store in Monte Carlo two beautiful rings 1940’s and 1950’s and a pair of incredibly chic Chanel earrings dating back to the 1950’s. Who knows maybe it was Princess Graces?

The best beaches, clubs and fashion was in Monte Carlo, incredibly chic and fantastic. Women are confident with their bodies and opt for a sporty look and don’t skim on quality in the least.

The hottest places to go were La Jimmy’s, Hotel De Paris, Moods and The Living Room and the prints on display were predominantly Gucci and LV.

The most common bag on display was the Hermes Birkin bag which is rather ironic as there is nothing common about this hot little darling however I saw it sported in all colors on all types of women.


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