House of Fraser Oxford street has nasty sales assistants!

This Saturday I ventured into Oxford street for a good old shop with my little sis …

Normally I would not go into central London for a shop on a Saturday as it’s just too crowded, but we wanted to pop into Selfridges, House of Fraser and also go to the Flagship Topshop as I wanted their lace up peep toe shoe boots and I also wanted to pick up these super fab French Connection boots I saw online at Kurt Geiger.

My sister wanted to shop around for new foundation and this quest led us to try out numerous beauty products in Selfridges. We ended up in Selfridges’s and my sister had her make-up done and she looked completely fantastic so fantastic that she spend a small fortunate on new make-up.

I wish I could say the same but the make-up person that did my Make-up at Bobby Brown has actually put me off the product for life. Her attitude was horrible and the way she applied the make-up was just as bad as her attitude. In particular her application of under eye concelear was so over done that I ended up looking panda eyed.

We also popped into Zara which lifted my spirits completely as I bought the cutest hat, it’s oversized and floppy fabulous and the sales assistant was super fabulous and friendly. My sister bought an oversized trapeze dress that she looks fantastic in.

We then hot trotted over the street and into the House of Fraser and straight to the Kurt Geiger and Carvela concession where I spotted the boots. Naturally, I wanted to try these fab little booties on and approached the sales lady with my usual sunny smile and asked her if I could please try the boots on in a size 8. The sales person had a strange expression on her face (well it was hostility and aggression, I though perhaps I had asked a shopper instead of a sales assistant but looking down I spotted her name tag and was rather surprised at her rude behaviour) this very hostile person gave me a dirty look, did not say a word and turned on her heel and marched to the middle of the shoe section and just kind of looked around and stood there.

One of the other sales assistants who had observed the interaction and saw how rudely I was treated came over and asked if she could help. I thanked her for coming over but declined her help and mentioned that I was shocked at her colleague’s rude behaviour. She mentioned that Saturday is a very busy day for them I looked around the store and there were only four other customers (three sales assistants vs four customers – Wow how do they cope?) I mentioned that there were only four other shoppers in the shoe section and also indicated that the rude sales assistant did not help anyone else she merely walked away to stand in the middle of the store.

I ended up leaving the store and not in the mood for getting the boots after all.

Well at least now I know why there were only four shoppers on a Saturday morning! Because the sales assistants chase all the customers away with their rude behaviour.

For the Attention of the HR Manager of House of Frazer Oxford Street 

Dear House of Fraser in Oxford street,

Do not  worry I will not dream of ever spending a single pound in your store ever again!!

Your sales assistants are the rudest people in the world and are talented NOT at selling but at MAKING PEOPLE RUN OUT OF THE STORE!!

During this credit cruch climate your store IS SURE TO GO UNDER with the rude staff you hire and you’ll be replaced by a Zara. Why? Because the staff are super busy but are always helpful!!!


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4 Responses to “House of Fraser Oxford street has nasty sales assistants!”

  1. Lara Says:

    hats are so chic for autumn, rock it out fashionista!!

  2. Best Western The Delmere Hotel | I Love London Says:

    […] house of fraser oxford street has nasty sales assistants! […]

  3. Janet Says:

    I agree, you should try the Victoria branch. The manager on was so rude. He was being rude and mean to his staff. Bravo!! What a talk of superb managing skills. The poor fellas (aka shop assistants) are looking moody and down. Apart from that, who am I to then think he will be nice to me. I will leave by saying “the hierarchy at House of Fraser is affecting their staff, as they are suffering from inferiority complex, and they either become scared when they talk to customers or trying to act bigger than customer as they are confused on how to represent them self.” I feel sorry to house of Fraser investors, as I usually will be investing in Primark. (Primark have about 500 customers per hour and they are still super nice.) Good place to shop they leave their customer smiling.

  4. Linda Says:

    Debenhams in bangor( north wales) has the most appaulng sales assistants I have ever come across! One of them actually ‘bumped’ into me deliberately – I complained to the manager and he was unhelpful and disinterested; I think this paricular assistant has a real prolem as she seems to have a grduge against me – its a small area and I shop a lot in the beauty department; she always makes a beeline for me, accusing me of this or that – poor cow, I almost feel sorry for her.
    I’m from London and am used to department stores; this ones tiny and the gruesome sales assitants have formed a clique. Being wales, a London accent is not very popular, but I’m a seasoned shopper and will continue to visit the counters at debenhams, rude assistants or not!
    I make a point of shopping there to p*** them off – I try products there and then buy them online.

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