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Agyness Deyn unfashionable in NY!!

January 1, 2009


Agyness Deyn one of the hottest models of 2008 and a trend setter of note, has been dubbed as ‘Cruella De Vil’ by the DailyMail. As the newspaper describes her as “Taking a leaf out of Cruella De Vil’s fashion book, Agyness opted for a white fur coat – reminiscent of the 101 Dalmatians.”

The 25 year old model, recently moved home with her boyfriend Albert Hammons, 28 (Strokes) seems to have settled into her new place as she walked her pet chihuahua and Dachshund.

The couple are rumoured to be engaged after she was photographed wearing a ring on her wedding finger earlier this year.

Agyness recently came under fire for posing in a fur coat when leaving a Christmas bash at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Which is rather ironic as she was later pictured wearing an anti-fur sticker on her top

“Former fish and chip shop employee Agyness has come a long way from her working class roots in the last two years.

She first appeared on the cover of US Vogue in May 2007 where she was chosen to take part in a spread featuring ‘the new crop of supermodels’.

Recently described as the ‘ultimate incarnation of the It-girl’, Agyness’s success is often attributed to an androgynous but sexy versatility that has catapulted her to fame.

Her meteoric rise to fame has even seen her made into a plastic doll, to her rumoured displeasure.”

I think she’s so plain and don’t find her an exciting model at all. She’s just someone that got extremely lucky! What are your thoughts.


Burberry feather dress

October 27, 2008

Three fashionistas – one dress, I know that this dress is one of the most sought after fashion items of the moment. But i don’t think any one of these celebs/models/actress looks good and the shoes not so nice …

House of Harlow – we cannot wait to see Nic’s style expressed!

October 25, 2008

Nicole Richie’s Bling … “The collection is targeted at girls in their teens to women in their 30s who admire her and the prices range from $30 to $150. Mouawad is aiming to put Richie’s pieces, which feature fabric, leather, silk strings, chains, rivets, feathers and gold-plated metals.” The jewelry is said to be influenced by Nicole’s love of the 60s and 70s.  (Wonder if her previous stylist – Rachel Zoe – had anything to do with that as she loves that era) The collection will debut in the new Kitson store on Melrose when it opens in November and on This gold-plated sundial ring with leather (pictured) was inspired by “African jewelry”, which is super beautiful and bang on trend for this seasons look. Can’t wait for more and to start shopping and wearing.

Extract of new tell all biography of Kate Moss!

October 19, 2008

In September 2005, things were going well for supermodel Kate Moss.

She was being courted by Swedish high street chain H&M and she had already signed a deal to advertise a clothing range by her friend, designer Stella McCartney, for the same company.

But then the ‘Cocaine Kate’ story broke.

A grainy video, secretly shot at a recording session for Babyshambles, the band fronted by her then boyfriend Pete Doherty, appeared to show her preparing and then snorting cocaine.

Both H&M deals were promptly withdrawn.

Kate’s contract as the face of Coco Mademoiselle perfume was due to expire that October and Chanel decided not to renew it.

Burberry cancelled a new campaign with her. As more brands called off lucrative deals, she was advised to take action.

A week after the scandal, her model agency Storm issued a statement from Kate saying: ‘I take full responsibility for my actions. I also accept that there are various personal issues that I need to address and have started taking the difficult, yet necessary, steps to resolve them.

‘I want to apologise to all of the people I have let down because of my behaviour, which has reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others. I am trying to be positive, and the support and love I have received are invaluable.’ (more…)

Leopard Print Hot!

October 18, 2008


I love the leopard print look it’s so eye catching and fun!!

It also really reminds me of the Carvalli collection of last season.

It is a hard look to pull off and poor Hayden does not have a clue but Kate looks glam as always

Jolie and Pitt Pimp more baby pics!

October 9, 2008


Jolie and Pitt pimp more pics of their private life. The photographs were apparently taken by Pitt as Angie posed while breast feeding…

The media interest around this couple is so huge!!

What are your thoughts?

Bring on the leather!!

October 3, 2008


One book to avoid – Coleen’s Real Style – Yuk!

September 3, 2008

If there’s one book to avoid it’s the WAG favourite –  Coleen McLoughlin Rooney.

Anyhow the hopeless fashion wanna be launched her new fashion book, Coleen’s Real Style, on Monday in Essex. But before the book had a chance to hit the shelves, Coleen was quick to silence her critics:

“I know what the criticism is going to be before the book is even launched. It’s going to be, ‘What does she know about fashion and style she got it wrong here, she got it wrong there’. But those people who criticise me, what do they know about fashion that I don’t know?” she told the Mirror.

Wow the arrogance is unbelievable what a slap in the face to all those struggling fashion design graduates, fashion journalism graduates and all others in the fashion industry that don’t have the celebrity power to publish a book, you know the truth!!

Kate Moss get’s Naked and scandalous for her Interview editorial!

August 28, 2008

Why we love writing about Kate Moss? Because she just makes it so darn easy to spin sentences like this.  Moss looks pretty nude in her Scandalous editorial Interview! and do eye catching headlines.

We love you head line Katie .. Kind of ..  well you know what we mean.

One thing’s for sure this woman is resilient, no one get’s Katie down!





















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We love Orlan Double Platform T-Strap Louboutin’s!

August 27, 2008

I just love Heidi Klum’s outfit and most of all I love the way she contrasts her white frock with black Louboutin pumps. These pumps are super hot and luxurious. (Orlan Double Platform T-Strap Louboutin’s in red suede $885.00 available at

They are kind of gladiator meets shoe bootie. The cut is elegant and graceful with a thicker than usual ankle strap for Louboutin and sweet peep-toe.

Wishlist – Shaggy Chic Jaeger coat

August 27, 2008
Left: D&G; Middle: Jaeger; Right:Topshop


I love this Jaeger coat (middle pic), it’s so beautiful and the price tag is huge, naturally as such style does come at a price. £1,600 (0845 051 0063) Just in case you like the white waistcoat on the left it’s D&G while the other white coat on the right with less shaggy is Topshop offerings.

The Jaeger coat that I love looks so similar to Kate Moss’s Fendi coat she wore some time ago (winter 2007).

Katie will show at New York Fashion Week!

August 25, 2008

I heart Katie Holmes, I think she’s chic, sweet and completely down to earth. I also like her fashion sense as she is so much more versatile than Victoria Beckham, Katie is mum on the run in one, actress, wife and also general sweet girl next door. I also think that she has a natural style and grace that is similar to Jackie O and classic good looks and elegance. While Victoria Beckham is more of a wanna be and all those tattoos, I mean really!

Anyway it seems that VB ended up being all show and no go as she is having trouble pulling her fashion show/collection together and will only show to a select few at New York Fashion Week. While silently confident Katie is going to rev it up and show an entire collection on the catwalk like all the other designers.

You go Katie, I know she’s receiving a lot of negative comments because of her boyfriend jeans trend but I still love her. And her cute style…

Hit Vs. Miss

August 25, 2008

Who’s been looking lush and lovely and who’s been looking worse for wear? The fashionistas Vs. the fashion victims –  here’s the story in pics..

Mary Kate & Nicole Richie Fashion Sisters?

August 11, 2008

These two ‘it’ girls have soo many fashion accessories in common and I find it really interesting how they manage to  pull completely different outfits together – they look so unique.

Rachel Zoe words …

August 9, 2008

“Fashion is my drug and I’m addicted to it.”

The Olsen’s must be the most prolific wearers of the Chanel 5018

August 7, 2008
Olsen Twins Wear Chanel

Olsen Twins Wear Chanel

The Olsen’s must be the most prolific wearers of the Chanel 5018 Sunglasses and they pull the look off well!

Olsen Twins Wear Chanel and Mary Kate Kisses Chanel

Olsen Twins Wear Chanel and Mary Kate Kisses Chanel

These sunglasses are beacons of chic and are already iconic despite the fact that they were first showcased in 2007 on the catwalk!

When Vanities Collide!

August 6, 2008

Paris Rival Lydia Hearst - Shaw

Paris Rival Lydia Hearst - Shaw

Politics and celebrity collide as Paris Hilton calls McCain and Obama ‘Bitches’. McCain started this collision of vanities when he called her a useless celeb. Paris hit back at McCain by making a vid calling McCain an old white guy from the olden days…

This whole debate is completely Yuk and so is Paris who sounds like an Ageist nasty in her vid. however she does manage to pretend to know about global environmental issues which is kinda funny but not really! To see the Video click here!

The blonde heiress needs to do something to get attention as she is left in the shadows of Nicole Richie who has evolved into the fashionista and even her rival Lydia Hearst-Shaw is landing more modeling contracts than her. (Lydia landed the luxury lingerie brand Myla, she will be the new face and body for the brand) So when this protocelebrity opportunity came along Paris jumped for joy and started her PR spin and the girls a pro. 

 It’s really strange the way people tend to hate people that are similar to them and Paris and Lydia have a lot in common, both blonde, both fame hungry, both heiresses, both attention seekers.

So what’s up with you?

August 6, 2008

It's all about the New New Face!

Madge has the perfect face it’s called the New New Face see your friendly cosmetic surgeon for details, the Olsen twins also have the new face but Mary Kate has other things on her mind, no it’s not the new Mui Mui coat, she’s hiding out from the feds cause she doesn’t wanna talk, she’s looking for immunity before she spills the beans. Tyra wants to be Michelle Obama as she dresses up imitating the first lady in waiting for Harpers Bazaar. While Alex Wek is not bothered cause she thinks the likes of Claudia and Naomi look boring and Katie takes it all in her stride as she goes for a page boy cut….

So what’s up with you?

Mischa Poses in Gucci for Instyle UK

August 5, 2008

Mischa is someone that sometimes gets it right and sometimes not!

I'm a Gucci Girl in a Gucci World!

I'm a Gucci Girl in a Gucci World!

And she absolutely got it right for the new edition of Instyle UK as she sticks to what suits her and looks style superior in this Gucci ensample which is teamed with an on trend fringed purse and her favourite brown ankle boots.

Nicole Richie wears Vintage and Chanel!

August 4, 2008

Vintage Bella!

Vintage Bella!

Nicole Richie looking her boho best out with baby Harlow donning cut off shorts and a vintage print top with scarf. Later she was spotted at the air port with oversized Chanel tote and Rick Owens sweater wrap.

Chanel Chic!

Chanel Chic!