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It’s the season for Suede!

January 24, 2009

Spring into a soft suede and make suede your friend. That’s our tip for spring. Suede is so comforting and comfortable and will see you through from these cold days and right on into summer.



I love the suede high platform boot at, these boots are super sexy and so Louboutin. I popped down to New Look earlier this week and picked up a pair. These boots did not disappoint and at £30.00 a real bargain however I do need to say that I experienced terrible customer service. The sales assistants were incredibly rude and no box was given for the shoes. The shoes were placed in a New Look bag that was too small and not sufficient to protect the boots from the rain outside. I asked for an extra bag or bigger bag and the sales assistant refused, stating that it was not their policy. So it’s not your policy to provide sufficient packaging for the products you sell? Talk about unreasonable … My love of shoes and these boots saw me call for the manager this combined with a 10 minute wait resulted in me eventually getting a bag big enough to protect my shoes from rain. I give these shoes an 8 out of 10 and the sales assistants a dismal 1 out of 10. Completely unreasonable behavior from the sales assistant and manager and let’s just say we will not be featuring any of their products on this site in the near future.

I’d love to know your experiences of shopping?


April Boot at Bullfrogs A Bargain!!

October 8, 2008

Hi Fashionistas,

All this talk of the credit crunch can drive us to depression and drink …

Not to worry though I found a ray of light … this super hot boots from Bullfrogs (I know bullfrogs, but yes Bullfrogs) I snapped them up for a reasonable 39.99 and it was the last size 8! Fantastic…

Just a thought but I usually just post the internet pic of my new purchases as it always looks better than my DIY shots. What are your thoughts should I snap my actual item or use the internet pics?

Rock it out fashionista and never mind what anyone says you got fashion on your side!!

New Fab site for boots – Yum Yum!

August 26, 2008


As you know I have become obsessed with the folksy lux trend and I love vintage booties and all shoes.

Today I found a fantastic site called that stocks Frye which is a completely fantastic range and it’s where all the ‘it’ girls go to get that vintage, cowboy and folksy trend shoes.

So get clicking fashionista’s.

Obsessed with Louboutin & Gucci fringed boots!

August 15, 2008

I have become obsessed with the fringed look and I have ID the boots in the pic below they are Louboutins’s and are absolutely fantastic. I heart these Louboutin fringed boots and these Gucci over the knee hotties are my new obsession.

Both are priced in the £900 price range ouch!! 

Pedro Garcia Boots with Butterfly detail similar to Mischa’s favorite Boots!

August 6, 2008
Pedro Garcia Boots with Butterfly detail very similar to Mischa Barton’s boots for Instyle UK August Edition

Pedro Garcia Boots with Butterfly detail very similar to Mischa Barton’s boots for Instyle UK August Edition

These Pedro Garcia Boots with Butterfly detail are very similar to Mischa Barton’s favorite brown boots she wore for her Instyle UK August shoot. This boots are available at Net-a-porter priced at £345.00 and the designer also knows how to rock the shoe boot, I love these white booties below so chic  …

Fabulous Shoe Boot!

Fabulous Shoe Boot!