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An Ode to Dior Fall 2008 Collection!

July 28, 2008

Dior Rocks!

How I the love the Dior Fall 2008 collection let me count the ways…

I love the sexy cowboy-esque hats, I love the box jackets, I love the chic and sexy eyeliner, I love the buttoned up blouses, I love the prints and colour, I love the black and white ensembles, I love the glamour, I love the voluminous hair, I love the large square sunglasses … I LOVE YOU DIOR !!!

Raquel Zimmermann and Anja Rubik.


Sure it may seem bizarre to do an Ode to Dior Fall collection even a bit odd and untimely. Yes, I know we’re currently experiencing the middle of summer (it’s hot and I’m looking at fur with a holiday to shop and pack for – cause inevitably I’m going to have a look at my wardrobe and shout I’ve got nothing to wear) but it all started when I was surfing the blogosphere and I stumbled upon the make-up looks for the Dior 2008 Collection which just pulled my into and the rest is history.   (more…)