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Weekly Round Up!

January 24, 2009

We wanna see Anna Wintour on 60 mins. wonder who will be doing the interview?

Fashion Editor turned Novelist …. hot or not

Are the Obama’s reduced to celebrity couple? As they bring on the age of the  ‘First couple of Celebrity’!

Vanity Fair Oscar Nominees

First Lady of Style

Giambattista Villa makes memorable silhouette’s!

White is back and it’s the New Black – Hot


It’s the season for Suede!

January 24, 2009

Spring into a soft suede and make suede your friend. That’s our tip for spring. Suede is so comforting and comfortable and will see you through from these cold days and right on into summer.



I love the suede high platform boot at, these boots are super sexy and so Louboutin. I popped down to New Look earlier this week and picked up a pair. These boots did not disappoint and at £30.00 a real bargain however I do need to say that I experienced terrible customer service. The sales assistants were incredibly rude and no box was given for the shoes. The shoes were placed in a New Look bag that was too small and not sufficient to protect the boots from the rain outside. I asked for an extra bag or bigger bag and the sales assistant refused, stating that it was not their policy. So it’s not your policy to provide sufficient packaging for the products you sell? Talk about unreasonable … My love of shoes and these boots saw me call for the manager this combined with a 10 minute wait resulted in me eventually getting a bag big enough to protect my shoes from rain. I give these shoes an 8 out of 10 and the sales assistants a dismal 1 out of 10. Completely unreasonable behavior from the sales assistant and manager and let’s just say we will not be featuring any of their products on this site in the near future.

I’d love to know your experiences of shopping?

Are you on this trend band wagon yet?

November 26, 2008

Kate Moss shows us how it’s done …



And Mischa shows us how it’s not done …




Source: FMD

Get the look of the season with a chic and sexy hat!

October 25, 2008

Accessorize with hats this season, why? Because it looks insanely hot!! If you’re trying to survive the credit crunch go for minimalistic chic and attract attention with a stylish fedora, Tilly or larger than life bowler or tophat.

  • Felt Floppy Hat, £34.00 , Urban Outfitters
  • Black Cloche hat, £18.00, Debenhams
  • Maison Michel Floppy hat with band, £220.00, Brown fashion
  • Fur Snood, £295.00, Mulberry
  • John Lewis Casual Hat, Brown, One Size, £25, John Lewis
  • EHAYDEN, £20.00 , Faith
  • ESEEKH, £5.00, Faith
  • Seersucker Snood, £70.00, All Saints
  • Teal felt studded floppy hat, £20.00, Debenhams
  • Tassel Snood, £70.00, All Saints
  • Top Pink Wants!!

    October 19, 2008

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month engenders more charitable projects from fashion companies than one could imaginable. Here, our favorite pink picks.

    1) Swarovski’s Nirvana ring, benefiting The Libby Ross Foundation’s Yoga Program For Breast Cancer Survivors. It’s $260 at

    2) Tumi Capra’s Passport, benefiting the Susan G. Komen fund. It’s $78 at

    3) Bulgari’s Rose Essentielle fragrance. Ten percent of the proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen fund. It ranges from $62-98 at

    4) D. L. & Co.’s pink diamond candle. A portion of proceeds benefit cancer research. It’s $85 at

    5) Lacoste’s mainstail limited edition timepiece. Ten percent of proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It’s $355 at story covered by

    Leopard Print Hot!

    October 18, 2008


    I love the leopard print look it’s so eye catching and fun!!

    It also really reminds me of the Carvalli collection of last season.

    It is a hard look to pull off and poor Hayden does not have a clue but Kate looks glam as always

    April Boot at Bullfrogs A Bargain!!

    October 8, 2008

    Hi Fashionistas,

    All this talk of the credit crunch can drive us to depression and drink …

    Not to worry though I found a ray of light … this super hot boots from Bullfrogs (I know bullfrogs, but yes Bullfrogs) I snapped them up for a reasonable 39.99 and it was the last size 8! Fantastic…

    Just a thought but I usually just post the internet pic of my new purchases as it always looks better than my DIY shots. What are your thoughts should I snap my actual item or use the internet pics?

    Rock it out fashionista and never mind what anyone says you got fashion on your side!!

    Miss Sixty Fails!

    October 3, 2008


    The credit crunch is hitting the high street as Miss Sixty collapses and has no option but to go into administration and Next takes over Lipsy… is your brand or high street store safe?

    Rocking – Sass & Bide Black Rats leggings!

    September 28, 2008



    I love these Sass & Bide Black Rats leggings and they are back online (£95) and are one of my most wanted for fall 2008.

    These sold out first time around in a few hours …

    The Horror of being an Ebay Seller!

    August 20, 2008

    Hello Fashionista’s I am on a major de-cluttering mission. I have decided to embrace the minimalist trend and only really purchase items that are classic, chic and truly loved and wanted by me. Something I feel comfortable wearing now and in years to come that would still be relevant and chic. I have a few items that fit into that category:

    1.       Gucci oversized Clutch

    2.       Chanel Bag

    3.       Marc Jacobs Bag

    4.       Tuxedo Blazer

    5.       Dior Sunnies

    6.       Chanel Sunnies

    7.       Classic black leather high waist leather Topshop belt

    8.       Black Shift dress – Topshop

    9.       Long black leather coat with faux fur

    10.    Long coat with fox fur collar – Italian designer – forgot the name.

    I want to create a calm and centered space and I have realized that it’s super hard with all this stuff.

    So I’ve been posting faux fur jackets, vintage riding boots, jersey dresses, leather mules, dresses and lots of other goodies on Ebay. On the one hand it’s sad as if I’m lucky I will only receive a fraction of what I paid for the items and many still have tags attached while on the other hand it feels very liberating.

    This is the first time that I am a seller and not a buyer on Ebay and unfortunately a bizarre woman ended up winning one of my items – vintage riding boots. I posted 7 photographs of the boots and gave an accurate description of the boots and it seems that the buyer for whatever reason did not like the boots once they were received and proceeded to email me telling me that the boots were not vintage riding boots.

    I am totally shocked at this person’s behavior. If she would have been honest and said, I don’t like the boots as they look unflattering on my legs, fine! But I mean really stating that they are not vintage riding boots when it is so clear that they are is so ridiculous it’s almost unbelievable.

    A very strange woman indeed and really making me feel that I don’t need the hassle and I think I’ll just pack it all up and give it to a charity. Please share your Ebay horror stories and I will let you know how this all pans out.