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I want statement bling!

August 27, 2008










The gals on the catwalk hot leg it with such bling veracity!

In my option, Givenchy, Philip Lim and Gucci ready to wear collections are the top contenders for this trend.

And if you’re like me and opting for a cheaper option… it’s accessories to the rescue…  see the pic below and tell me whether you think it’s a good trend imitation?   Source: Fashion Mag Daily

The photograph below shows Gucci necklace on the left (the price tag – huge! So Large, in fact it doesn’t even fit into this post) Vs, Accessorize (a cheap and cheerful £14.00)


“Tailoring is a timeless concept suitable for all women”

August 8, 2008

Gisele is dressed up as an Edwardian Dandy with a lavishly raffled high neck blouse – Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. $3, 295 available at Barneys …  as featured in Vogue’s annual Age (August) Edition. Kate Moss takes the cover! I want that Blouse – it’s my new crush!