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Are you on this trend band wagon yet?

November 26, 2008

Kate Moss shows us how it’s done …



And Mischa shows us how it’s not done …




Source: FMD


Leopard Print Hot!

October 18, 2008


I love the leopard print look it’s so eye catching and fun!!

It also really reminds me of the Carvalli collection of last season.

It is a hard look to pull off and poor Hayden does not have a clue but Kate looks glam as always

Bring on the leather!!

October 3, 2008


I want statement bling!

August 27, 2008










The gals on the catwalk hot leg it with such bling veracity!

In my option, Givenchy, Philip Lim and Gucci ready to wear collections are the top contenders for this trend.

And if you’re like me and opting for a cheaper option… it’s accessories to the rescue…  see the pic below and tell me whether you think it’s a good trend imitation?   Source: Fashion Mag Daily

The photograph below shows Gucci necklace on the left (the price tag – huge! So Large, in fact it doesn’t even fit into this post) Vs, Accessorize (a cheap and cheerful £14.00)

Hit Vs. Miss

August 25, 2008

Who’s been looking lush and lovely and who’s been looking worse for wear? The fashionistas Vs. the fashion victims –  here’s the story in pics..

Gucci does smoking hot boots!

August 21, 2008

These boots are smoking hot!

These boots are truly delicious, I can think of a million ways to wear these fierce boots

Source: FMD

Obsessed with Louboutin & Gucci fringed boots!

August 15, 2008

I have become obsessed with the fringed look and I have ID the boots in the pic below they are Louboutins’s and are absolutely fantastic. I heart these Louboutin fringed boots and these Gucci over the knee hotties are my new obsession.

Both are priced in the £900 price range ouch!! 

Folksy Vibe – Bring it on!!

August 10, 2008

I completely heart this folksy trend and my favorite items is everything and if I had to absolutely choose I would take the boots number 8, the Gucci dress number 9, the two high street dresses number 3 and 1 and the black and white blouse number 4 which is also high street so better on the old budget (what’s that?) and all others also, cause they’re just essential for my happiness!!

Source: FMD

Mischa Poses in Gucci for Instyle UK

August 5, 2008

Mischa is someone that sometimes gets it right and sometimes not!

I'm a Gucci Girl in a Gucci World!

I'm a Gucci Girl in a Gucci World!

And she absolutely got it right for the new edition of Instyle UK as she sticks to what suits her and looks style superior in this Gucci ensample which is teamed with an on trend fringed purse and her favourite brown ankle boots.