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I wanna be a glossy girl!!

August 27, 2008
I wanna be a high gloss girl!

I wanna be a high gloss girl!

Check it out six steps to rocking the skin tight trend – Fashion Mag Daily

The winter coat – top three choices!

August 25, 2008


Let’s face it the weather has been horrible and I have not been able to wear my sweet summer frocks or hot leg around town in my fabulous stilettos and wedges without splashing in a puddle.

The sky has been mostly over cloudy, casting a shadow over the city and more importantly my wardrobe and further dampened with the continual drizzle.

I have been looking longingly at summer in the city – New York style – and am enviable of the great weather New Yorkers are having.

Boo Hoo London weather is horrible… Sob Sob!

So in keeping with optimism I’ve turned my attention to the coming cooler months and bearing in mind the credit crunch that’s been creeping in from the other side of the pond. Making my new mantra work for me – less is more and embracing my new minimalistic trend.

My blog posting today will focus on the  – fashion essential –  autumn/winter investment buy – the winter coat!!

I have scouted the shops from high street to high fashion and I bring you my top three top choices and its tailored chic. The fashion contenders are as follows:

1.       Black coat Thomas Burberry £380.00

2.       Tailored coat £89 by Principles

3.        Mango black coat £110


My wish list coat is the Burberry coat for practicality and overall chic.

While best value for money is the Principles coat.

Watch this space as I’ll be modeling my new purchase shortly.

Folksy Vibe – Bring it on!!

August 10, 2008

I completely heart this folksy trend and my favorite items is everything and if I had to absolutely choose I would take the boots number 8, the Gucci dress number 9, the two high street dresses number 3 and 1 and the black and white blouse number 4 which is also high street so better on the old budget (what’s that?) and all others also, cause they’re just essential for my happiness!!

Source: FMD