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Katie will show at New York Fashion Week!

August 25, 2008

I heart Katie Holmes, I think she’s chic, sweet and completely down to earth. I also like her fashion sense as she is so much more versatile than Victoria Beckham, Katie is mum on the run in one, actress, wife and also general sweet girl next door. I also think that she has a natural style and grace that is similar to Jackie O and classic good looks and elegance. While Victoria Beckham is more of a wanna be and all those tattoos, I mean really!

Anyway it seems that VB ended up being all show and no go as she is having trouble pulling her fashion show/collection together and will only show to a select few at New York Fashion Week. While silently confident Katie is going to rev it up and show an entire collection on the catwalk like all the other designers.

You go Katie, I know she’s receiving a lot of negative comments because of her boyfriend jeans trend but I still love her. And her cute style…


High waist + Wide Leg = Chic 70’s Look!

August 9, 2008

I heart the high waist trend!

I heart the high waist trend!


I Heart the high waist trend and Katie Holmes pulls the look off excellently. I also like her shorter hair cut and her up keep of the large sunglass look. She looks absolutely classically chic! I’m Happy to see Katie throw those rolled up jeans to the side!!

High waist + wide leg = chic look!

High waist + wide leg = chic look!


So what’s up with you?

August 6, 2008

It's all about the New New Face!

Madge has the perfect face it’s called the New New Face see your friendly cosmetic surgeon for details, the Olsen twins also have the new face but Mary Kate has other things on her mind, no it’s not the new Mui Mui coat, she’s hiding out from the feds cause she doesn’t wanna talk, she’s looking for immunity before she spills the beans. Tyra wants to be Michelle Obama as she dresses up imitating the first lady in waiting for Harpers Bazaar. While Alex Wek is not bothered cause she thinks the likes of Claudia and Naomi look boring and Katie takes it all in her stride as she goes for a page boy cut….

So what’s up with you?