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Jolie wears Michael Kors sunglasses during family shoot!

October 19, 2008


This image is just one of several taken by doting dad Brad Pitt for an intimate portrait of the couple’s family life of Jolie and the kids.

Brad has made his photography debut shooting his seven favourite things in the world – Angelina and their six children – for America’s W magazine.

The publication (Wmag) commissioned Brad to do the photos – which accompanied a revealing interview by the Oscar-winning actress – at the couple’s rented home in the south of France.

Taken just seven weeks after the birth of the couple’s twins Knox and Vivienne, Angelina is a picture of contentment as she enthuses about the joys of parenthood.

Using no-longer-produced Kodak Tech Pan film specially flown in Tel Aviv, Brad captured the real family life of the Jolie-Pitt clan in black or white.

In one astonishingly intimate shot, Angelina gazes into the camera while breast-feeding one of the couple’s twins.

With her hair flowing naturally over her shoulder, a tiny hand is seen clutching Angelina’s breasts as they feed.

And in another revelation Angelina Jolie let slip to a New York times reporter that it would be cool for the kids to see the movie in which mom and dad feel in love when referring to Mr & Mrs Smith, at least for Jennifer Aniston the true is finally out there and the denials are over.

Jolie loves her Micheal Kors and wears it while out in NY earlier this year!

Jolie loves her Micheal Kors and wears it while out in NY earlier this year!


Which woman do you like more Jennifer or Jolie?