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Politics and Fashion a glamorous combination???

July 31, 2008

Carla Bruni – Supermodel turned First Lady of France

Politics and Fashion let’s have a look at who’s wearing what and who’s got the media (and with that by default the public’s) vote…  we’ll have a quick look through the Fashionista Contenders, the Fashionista Underdogs and examine each Fashionista’s Style Credentials …  

The Fashionista Contenders:

Team EuropeFrench first Lady Carla Bruni- Sarkozy Vs. Sarah Brown British first Lady

Team USA First Ladies in waiting – Michelle O Bama Vs. Cindy McCain

Fashionista Underdog:

Cindy McCain for being a republican (it’s kind of untrendy because of the whole Bush thing!) & not as young and hip as her rival – Michelle Obama.


Sarah Brown she may be England’s first lady but she’s no English rose in the eyes of the press, she just does not have the French Chic Je ne sai quoi  that comes so effortlessly to the First Lady of France who is incidentally not French but Italian…

Fashionista’s by Style credentials:

1.       Michelle Obama’s Style   in a word – chic and affordable!


Style credentials:


She is very much the modern woman, successful career, darling children and charismatic husband. She is the American Dream as she fought her way into the Ivy League all the way to Harvard from a deprived childhood in Chicago …


Included in the Vanity Fair International Best dressed list 2008


Vanity Fair called her “our commander in sheath” giving her style the official stamp of commercial approval


American women follow her fashion lead – Ricco had been designing dresses for more than 20 years, but it wasn’t until Michelle Obama sported Ricco’s black-and-white leaf-print shift — sold at the White House Black Market Store, for $148 — on “The View,” and women across America went wild for it. She is credited with making the dress sell out within hours. Ricco, who wasn’t watching “The View” when her design made its TV debut, had no idea, Obama would be wearing it. “Apparently she just bought it off the rack,” says Ricco. “I didn’t realize until people started calling me, and then I watched the show on Youtube.” Source:


Seal of approval from the press as Michelle has had more positive press coverage than Cindy



2.       Cindy McCain’s Style – in a word – prim and proper!


Style credentials:

Cindy is a cross between Second Wives Club meets Gossip Girl, look wise she does look rather Barbie-esque but that’s selling Cindy short she has overcome 7 miscarriages and an addition to painkillers after a stroke, she is a strong woman that stands by her man no matter what.


Excluded from Vanity Fair list – Cindy McCain was left off the coveted roster as she must’ve felt like, well, sheath, from the snub.


Negative press – Cindy McCain made news for all the wrong reasons while getting a private peek at Oscar de la Renta’s fall line (her bodyguards were left to stand outside the designer’s studio in the heat which gave the story away). Cindy came across as too pampered and it became a down-to-earth versus high maintenance story played out in the headlines! (more…)


Has the time come to create a virtual International Best Dressed List within the Fashion Blogging Community?

July 29, 2008

Bruni-Sarkozy appears in the September issue of Vanity Fair with a front cover shot by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.Bruni married the French president after a three-month romance that began when they met at a Paris dinner party

Some people are born to be Fashion conscious (here’s looking at the Goldsmith’s & Lauder’s of the world) it was not decided by them personality per se it’s something that was beyond their control an extra bonus if you wish it sort landed simply and softly into their privileged laps like front row tickets to the Christian Dior show or the LV bag that they sling casually over their shoulders. They come from a legacy of style and grace where opulence and decadence reside and their clothing is simply an extension of that privilege. (Nearly 20% of Vanity Fair’s best dress list consists of Royalty!)

Then there’s those that are more interesting the individuals that are the fashion lovers, movers, shakers and makers of the fashion industry those that used their passion with such force that they created fashion movements, revolutions or looks that will always inspire us or be used as a knowledge base for further exciting designs.

These individuals serve as reference for What is? What was and What can be?

Here’s looking at YSL for introducing the tuxedo suit for women, here’s looking at CoCo Chanel for making the tan chic and the LBD a statement piece. Here’s looking at Dior’s revolutionary silhouette – the small shoulders, voluptuously curved torso with nipped – in waist and long full skirts. Here’s looking at the unnamed designer (to my knowledge) who created the stiletto heel in Italy in the 1950’s.

Real style is created though the love and desire for fashion, a list is just an exercise in who’s the flavor of the month or in this case flavor of the year.

I think that the time has come to create a virtual International Best Dressed List within the fashion blogging community. This idea really makes sense to me so much so that my keyboard has a life of it’s own….

Wow there’s no stopping this idea…

Criteria could be as follows:

·         Criteria for entry – to have your own personal fashion blog that is updated regularly with fashion postings and pictures of that illustrate the blogger’s fashion style and dress sense – these photographs will be used for the basis of judging the list.

·         The judging will be done solely on fashion and dress sense and not aesthetics of the individual, however the individual should dress in a way that highlights their best features and expresses their personality.

·         Accessories can also be photographed and included and photographs should only consist of photographs taken by the blogger thereby eliminating unfair advantage of using for example a BF that also happens to be a professional photographer and/or experienced photoshop genius.

·         Judging will not be based on how many designer labels are cramped into a blog instead it’s about how chic the blogger looks for their personal fashion budget!

·         Perhaps different categories could be established for example. Rock chic, vintage style ect.??? This allows for acknowledgement and celebration of different styles.  



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