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Anna Wintour at Sundance

January 31, 2009

It’s La Wintour at her best, donning her usual sunnies and fur. We love her Brit-American accent.


French Chic – Super Hot Tasseled Boots!

August 14, 2008

Super Hot Tasseled Boots - Chic and Fab!

French Vogue’s August edition includes ‘just-wanting-to-jump-into’ fashion feature which is styled by French Voguette Emmanuele Alt. Photographs by Terry Richardson.

Super Cute and Polished Look

Super Cute and Polished Look

crop those jeans - no rolling allowed take note Katie Holmes

crop those jeans - no rolling allowed take note Katie Holmes

Kate Moss Looks Unpretty on the Cover of Vogue!

August 8, 2008

Kate Moss Looks Un-pretty!

Kate Moss Looks Un-pretty!

The August edition is the Ageless edition which profiles stylish and/or aspirational women of all ages. But what got my attention is how haggard Kate Moss looks without her hair in her face and harsh make up! Kate ends up looking tired and old which is quiet ironic since it’s suppose to be the Ageless Edition!

The most exciting part of this edition is the editors’ personal style:“it’s perhaps the most instructive portfolio we’ve ever put together… (it’s about) looking on-trend and beyond trend and totally themselves”. Forget “timeless classics every woman must have that she can wear for ever and a day” we want to be “on trend” yet “beyond trend” while still being clued into our own style!


J –Lo Vs. Bee Shaffer – dress in between the lines!

August 6, 2008

J –Lo Vs. Bee Shaffer!

 It’s all about the Oscar De Le Renta summer frock….

J-Lo found it difficult to fit into this Oscar De Le Renta summer dress and during her Elle Shoot assistants closed the dress with some help from tape and rope. While the wispy Bee Shaffer, daughter of American Vogue editor (Anna Wintour) seemed to have no trouble fitting into the Oscar De Le Renta frock and coincidently wore the dress just weeks after J – Lo had so much trouble squeezing into it  …

What are your thoughts was Anna Wintour proving a point by sourcing the dress for her daughter to show rival Elle Mag that she the Vogue gals are the most chic of all, or was it just a coincident?

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French Vogue Vs. Vogue Nippon

August 4, 2008
 Fantastic Feathered Burberry Coat

Fantastic Feathered Burberry Coat

Chloe dress, boots and tights combo!

Chloe dress, boots and tights combo!


French Vogue creative stylist Marie – Amelie Sauve styled this editorial for Vogue. We heart the chiffon purple Chloe dress, boots and tights combo. And my heart skips a beat for this deliciously chic and simply beautiful Burberry feathered coat.

Rodarte outfit with Hermes Birkin bag

Rodarte outfit with Hermes Birkin bag

While Vogue Nippon dished out this decadent display of eye candy. CoCo Rocha models a fantastically girlie Rodarte outfit with Hermes Birkin bag – essential accessory for any fashionista of note!!

The pink balloons and school children all in a row are youth full and cute and their stillness contrasts with the movement of the model and her exaggerated steps, she looks like she could be walking on air. The Birkin bag looks so chic and such a classic.

Welcome to Fashion Reality the long time coming anti-fur backlash as featured in French Vogue

July 31, 2008

Anti –Fur Backlash featuring Raquel Zimmermann

Fur is always controversial and the French Editor of Vogue knows what she’s doing when she created this editorial piece…  it’s daring, sexy and racy and it’s been a long time coming…  Welcome to Fashion Reality the long time coming anti-fur backlash as featured in French Vogue, photographs by Mario Testino (who else) and featuring Raquel Zimmermann and styled by Carine Roitfeld (La Editor and Style Connoisseur) for the August 2008 issue of Vogue Paris … Viva Carine Roitfeld! The editorial creates powerful images of woman fur lovers that lash back at anti – fur protesters with camera shots to enhance the frame and dominance of femininity with a polished stylised look, there’s a whiff of 80’s glam to this shoot, the glossy red lips scream … I’m a power blonde 80’s ball crusher cum man eater…  other shots are of semi nude models in cupboards with only their skyscraper heels with only their fur to protect their modesty the models look positively Lolita in them… Source: Almost Fashionable (for a fashionista’s love of fur) & Fashion Mag Daily (for more pics)


Chanel Extra Jumbo Quilted Bag

July 28, 2008

Reality Show - French Vogue

Chanel Extra Jumbo Quilted Bag it’s Classic Chanel fabulously chic and effortlessly cool!

Source: Vogue Paris August 2008

Mary Kate Loves the Chanel Jumbo in Red as she hot legs it around town running from the paparazzi!